100 Power Affirmations to Make 2022 a Success

2022 is here and I’m sure you want to make this year a great one. I discovered affirmations and their power in 2020 and implementing them into my daily routine has helped me ease anxiety, make more money, find my dream apartment, move cities, and more. I shared last year 80 Powerful Affirmations to make 2021 a Success and I hope it helped you all receive some amazing blessings into your life.

The things that you believe, you constantly seek evidence for. This is why as soon as you believe you’re in love, you start finding new things to love about the person. It is also why once you believe your broke, all types of unexpected expenses pop up.

The truth is we don’t notice how much we subconsciously take in negative thoughts and beliefs. This is why affirmations are so important, they contract those deep, hidden subconscious beliefs that we are unworthy or unprepared to receive the things that we want.

My theory is that in order for affirmations to work, they have to be believable to you, so no matter how many times you say “I will receive a billion dollars tomorrow,” it probably won’t work unless you believe that you in some way will have the opportunity to receive a billion dollars.

This is why these affirmations are broad and based on rewiring your core belief system.

I’ve broken these affirmations down into 5 core areas that will help you affirm your finances, faith, business, love, and home.

  1. I have a great relationship with money and finances.
  2. I understand my financial position and how my actions affect it.
  3. I attract money everywhere that I go.
  4. Money loves me and is constantly seeking me.
  5. I constantly give and receive money without fearing lack.
  6. I have a rich mindset.
  7. My bank account grows everyday.
  8. Money flows all around me.
  9. Money constantly flows towards me.
  10. Everyday I get another opportunity to make money.
  11. Everyday I am creating long-lasting wealth.
  12. I am excited every time I get another opportunity to make money.
  13. Making money is fun for me.
  14. People enjoy giving me money.
  15. I love that wealth constantly flows into my life.
  16. I love the freedom and security that money brings to my life.
  17. I am a magnet for money and wealth.
  18. I am grateful to have more money every day.
  19. I allocate funds in the best ways to maximize my wealth.
  20. I make the smartest investments to maximize my wealth.

  1. I am worthy of everything that my heart desires.
  2. Everything in my life happens in divine timing.
  3. I never lack anything in life.
  4. I am always given exactly what I need.
  5. I am exactly where I am supposed to be.
  6. I am grateful for every moment of my life.
  7. I am worthy of every blessing that I am about to receive.
  8. I live an abundant life filled with opportunities.
  9. Everyday I am given more opportunities.
  10. I am successful, happy, and living an abundant life.
  11. Everyday my faith and confidence increases.
  12. There are no limits on my potential for happiness and success.
  13. I am living the life of my dreams.
  14. All of my dreams are coming true in the moment.
  15. Everyday I see evidence that my dreams are coming true.
  16. People around me notice how blessed I am.
  17. I live an incredible life with endless opportunities.
  18. I feel better and better everyday.
  19. I am open to abundant blessings.
  20. I am grateful that all of my hearts desires are coming true.

  1. I am the owner of a very successful business.
  2. My business teaches me lessons with ease.
  3. I am grateful for the work-life balance that my business affords me.
  4. My business is healthy, organized and profitable.
  5. My ideal customers are attracted to my business like a magnet.
  6. My ideal customers appreciate everything my business has to offer.
  7. My ideal customers are constantly purchasing my offerings.
  8. My business attracts investors and grants like a magnet.
  9. My business is constantly in a state of flow.
  10. All of my marketing efforts are constantly attracting customers.
  11. Consumers can easily see how great my offerings are in comparison to my competitors.
  12. My competitors cannot keep up with my ideas, quality and innovation.
  13. The internet and word-of-mouth are constantly sending customers to my business.
  14. Organizing my business finances is fun and effortless.
  15. Accomplishing my business tasks comes easy to me.
  16. I am happy, fulfilled and living abundant thanks to my business.
  17. My business runs so smoothly that I have time to help others.
  18. My business is constantly growing into the company of my dreams.
  19. The most highly-skilled and amazing people want to work for my business.
  20. My business always attracts press and buzz because of my amazing offerings.

  1. I am love.
  2. I attract love.
  3. I am worthy of love in all its forms.
  4. Love flows around me constantly.
  5. I constantly feel loved and cared for by the people in my life.
  6. Everyday I see evidence that people love me.
  7. I spread love and therefore I receive it.
  8. The love that I have is endless and unconditional.
  9. I have the love life of my dreams.
  10. I am a love magnet.
  11. I attract love, health, happiness and joy everyday.
  12. Love comes to me with ease.
  13. My heart is open to receiving more love everyday.
  14. Love multiplies in my life.
  15. I love the feeling of love in my life.
  16. I fill every room that I enter with love.
  17. My love is powerful and passionate.
  18. I deserve all the love that I constantly receive.
  19. I give and receive affection everyday.
  20. I attract loving people into my life.

  1. I effortlessly make my space into my dream home.
  2. I am worthy of a clean and beautiful dream home.
  3. I have the perfect amount of space in my home.
  4. I am grateful to be in the space that I am in.
  5. I clean and beautify my space everyday.
  6. I enjoy a clean and beautiful home where I can be creative and productive.
  7. My home is my personal sanctuary.
  8. I am grateful to have a space to call my own.
  9. My home is filled with beautiful and inspiring decor.
  10. I am living in my dream home.
  11. My home always smells like amazing candles and fresh flowers.
  12. My home is a sanctuary for all that enter it.
  13. My home is a magnet for positive energy and love.
  14. Love and light fills my home everyday.
  15. I have created a harmonious environment in my home.
  16. I am at ease in my home.
  17. My home is a source of motivation and inspiration for me.
  18. People feel immediately welcomed and at ease when they enter my home.
  19. I love to fill my environment with inspiring items.
  20. My home is becoming more beautiful and serene everyday.

2 Week Challenge

Pick one of the areas above where you would like to see some change in your life, and repeat all 10 affirmations every day for the next two weeks. Record in a journal, every piece of evidence that you encounter in alignment with your affirmations. 

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