My New Philosophy for 2021: Achieve More By Letting Go

Hello and welcome to my late arrival to 2021, as I’m typing we are already 21 days into the year and a lot has happened. While I intended to hope full force back into writing immediately this year, the universe had other plans for me.

Instead I’ve spent the first few weeks of 2021, reading, learning and realizing some things that I figure will help me throughout my journey for the year. The biggest thing, which is now my philosophy for the year, is to achieve more by letting go.

As counterintuitive as it sounds, as I explain what this truly means, I think this philosophy may suit many of you as well.

Where I Got the Concept

I received this concept from the book “The Path Made Clear” by Oprah Winfrey. In it she publishes various interviews that she has done with great thinkers and successful celebrities, that attempts to change the way in which you look at life and the concepts of destiny and success.

The interview that stuck out to me the most was the one that featured spiritual leader, Michael Beckwith. This is the excerpt:

What this Means

This was one that I sat with for a few days and everyday, a situation would arise where the only answer that I had was to remember this excerpt.

We are all constantly in a place of longing, wanting for something to happen or for something to stop happening. What happens is, we think that if we keep wanting it and grasp tighter, that somehow what we envision will happen.

But what we actually do by doing this is push that reality further away.

So how do we fix it? The key to fixing the fixation and grasp that we have on our wants is by releasing our grasp. Although it sounds simple, when you are in a state of longing for a certain outcome or achievement, releasing that longing feels impossible.

After all we are consumed with our visions constantly and according to society, if we aren’t focused on preferable outcome, we aren’t trying hard enough.

For example, if an NBA team is in the championship finals, their fans and critics expect that they will all but guarantee the win and be merciless in their pursuit. If a teammate were to release a statement saying that although they would really love to win, they are not obsessed with the idea of winning the championship, they would be seen as less worthy of being a part of the championship team. After all, winners obsess over winning right?

Wrong. Winning and achieving success is not based on how much we obsess over it. In fact, that obsession blocks our ability to be successful since if we are hoping for success, we are constantly stating to ourselves that we are not yet successful.


This is what Beckwith means by we “want it, want it, want it which translates to I don’t have it, I don’t have it, I don’t have it.”

So the key is to truly embody what you want and release your grasp on the outcome of it actually happening. It is then and only then that we can truly achieve the success that we long for.

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