Where I’ve Been: Starting a Candle Business

I definitely have some explaining to do. Over the past few months I went MIA to focus all of my efforts on creating a business. After working and networking in Dallas for a year, I realized something was missing. I missed creating, owning, and providing value. I also noticed that my candle obsession had gotten really intense after living on my own for so long. I loved finding unique candles and candle scents, that would keep my house guests guessing. I also started to wonder why candle companies had so much selection, when in fact the average person would only like and be willing to buy about 1-3 scents.

After becoming aware of the problems in the candle industry, I started researching. I became obsessed with it and decided that I should start a candle company. As background, I had never thought of starting a business before this moment. After two years of graduate school and earning my MPA, the private sector was not something that I ever thought was “for me.” Through this process, I look back and understand now that you really never know whats “for you” until you try it. I started saving my money from work and learning to make candles, which proved to be way more difficult than it sounded. It was science, and art, and skill.

I started the testing phase where I would make various scents and send them to my friends and family for feedback. I was looking for the unicorns. I was looking for those scents that were, at the very least palatable to the widest range of people. I knew that the only way that I could create a narrow line of products in a industry that has thrived for years on endless choice, was to truly give people what they want. This was one of the hardest parts of creating my brand, but I knew that without it my vision wouldn’t truly be fulfilled.

After six months months of testing, buying inventory, learning to create a marking plan, business strategy and website, I am finally 11 days out from the first official launch of my candle company. Gold Soul Candle Company. It has been one of the most fulfilling things that I have ever done in life, and taking it from ideation to a developed product has been mind-blowing. In terms of the blog, I am now back and will continue to write about my life as a young professional and business owner in the hopes that it will help inspire others. Stay tuned.

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